MR Reporting Software

Human Tracking Software

Whether you're in Sales, Field Services or Event Marketing Tracking can maximize the return on your investment and gives you visibility into your workforce.

Fire And Forget System .: You just need to install it. And let application do what it is doing.

Real Time Data Any Time Any Where .: Now you can get real time data anytime, anywhere

Offline Tracking System .: There are lots more Online Tracking System available in market , but Our applications specaillity is ,its will give You Online Tracking as well as Offline Tracking also.

Offline Human Tracking Software
Increase revenues with improved productivity from your mobile team

Increase customer satisfaction with improved punctuality, service delivery.

Provide for employee safety with location based panic functionality

Gain the confidence of increased visibility into field activities and efficient mobile team management

Mapping .: Knowledge of employee location will help drive employee accountability and productivity.

Notifications set for arrival and departure from a selected site or area will help ensure punctuality and help ensure the appropriate amount of time is spent on site.

Tracking software is the most powerful Tool .: Tracking Software that lets you monitor ALL the Location of your employee's phone. The application is super easy to install on the phone you want to monitor. It starts uploading the monitored information and its exact location instantly which can be viewed by logging in to your Tracking Software User Account from any computer in the world within minutes.

Track Your Field Staff
Are you worried your employees are taking pleasure trips while out on meetings?
Do you think your travelling sales teams are logging fake miles?
Do you think your travelling sales teams are claiming fake expenses?
By logging in to Tracking Software easy-to-use online control panel, you can see the exact location of your field staff's phones on a map.
You can also see their location history to see where they've been or look at their travel route to find out how they got to where they are. This means you will have your eyes on your field staff at all times.

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