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31 July 2011 -Sales Module With Augumented Features Integrated to MR Reporting Software.

15 August 2012 -Mobile Reporting Features Integrated to MR Reporting Software.

31 July 2013 -Human Tracking Application Launched.

Now You Can Track Your Team Member Geo Location Any Time Any Where.
Fire And Forget System .: You just need to install it. And let application do what it is doing.
Real Time Data Any Time Any Where .: Now you can get real time data anytime, anywhere.
1 April 2014 -Online Billing and Inventory Software.
As this software Overcome the major Drawback of Traditional Billing and Inventory Software which is accessibility of data from office. You can access the information and Generate Invoices 24 * 7 anywhere across the world with system and internet connection required.
This software can give you the instant access of Stock and Billing information at any time 24 *7.

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